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Laurier's strong partnerships with schools as well as international and non-governmental organizations, provides you with excellent options for local and international-oriented placements. 

Our Community Service-Learning partners will help facilitate your placements in INED201. We will coordinate in partnership with you to ensure effective learning opportunities that meet your needs. Placements may be associated with schools – both local and international, language programs, multicultural agencies, and other community agencies.

You will be supporting children, youth or adult learners. In some cases, your learners will be developing English as a second or third language skills. In other cases, you will support English language learners who are in local schools and help with subject knowledge such as math, science, history or geography.

Local Placements

Local placements – with school boards or local organizations – are completed in your second year of the program.

The IES program works with schools in the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Organizations that may provide you with opportunities include the Educator and Leadership Institute, Habitat for Humanity, Education for Change, Desire2Learn, Vretta and Learning for Humanity.

Fall 2021 Placements

Given the remote learning realities of fall 2021, your placements will likely involve remote, distance or online learning opportunities, as well as in-person opportunities. Instructions for your fall placements associated with INED201 will be explained in your first class.


For INED201, you will complete 24 hours of practical experience in your placement – two hours per week.

Experiential Learning International-Oriented Placements

There will be lots of exciting placement opportunities for your international-oriented experiential learning placement, completed between your third and fourth year of the program.

Placement options will include international schools and other education-oriented settings, such as non-governmental organizations, international agencies, community organizations, and social enterprises.

You will have the option to complete your placement with schools or organizations located internationally, in Canada, or remotely.