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Annual Special Events

We have been offering Medieval Day since 2005. The event has featured world-class speakers, faculty and student panels, and displays of medieval music, art and drama. This event typically draws over 200 people, including members of the general public.

We have been programming the Distinguished Visiting Speaker Series since 2006. Past speakers have included:

  • Ralph Hanna III, an expert in medieval manuscripts;
  • Carolyn Dinshaw, an expert in literary analysis and theory;
  • Brian Gillingham, an expert in the history of medieval music; and
  • Pat Sutherland, an expert in archaeology.

Student Society

The Medieval Students Society is probably the strongest student group on campus, demonstrating exceptional volunteerism and enthusiasm. The society is involved in decisions that effect the program, in enjoyable social events, and in many educational outreach programs.

Student Exchange

Our program has a special exchange agreement with the University of Durham in the United Kingdom. Students can take courses there on a vast variety of medieval subjects.