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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Christopher Anderson
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Political Science and North American Studies

Dr. Jörg Broschek
Associate Professor
Undergradaute Advisor

Sally Heath
Manager, Academic Program Development and Review

Dr. Lucy Luccisano
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Sociology

Bina Mehta

Dr. Darren Mulloy

Debra Nash-Chambers

Dr. Katherine Ann Roberts
Associate Professor, North American Studies/French

Dr. Kevin Spooner
Associate Professor, North American Studies/History
Director, Laurier Centre for the Study of Canada (LCSC)

Dr. Brian Tanguay
Professor Emeritus, Political Science

Dr. Debora VanNijnatten
Associate Professor

Dr. Margaret Walton-Roberts
Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies


Lauren Price
Office Administration Coordinator