Leave of Absence Form: Business Technology Management

The Business Technology Management (BTM) program is a full-time, professional program, and students are expected to adhere to the schedules for their programs, as outlined in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. In exceptional circumstances, requests for Leaves of Absence will be considered by the program. Coop students are subject to greater program restrictions than non-Coop students. Please note that, due to the program structure, a leave must be 12 months in length. Application for a Leave does not guarantee approval. 

Complete this form if you are a Business Technology Management (BTM) student requesting a leave. If you have any questions about the process, speak to an academic advisor.

You can request a leave if you are a student in good academic standing in the BTM program; however, if you are not in good academic standing, speak with an academic advisor.

If you are a coop student, you must request approval for a leave from the coop program directly from the coop office.
You will be contacted via your MyLaurier email if the program has questions regarding your request, and to indicate if your request has been approved. Approval emails will include the date that the leave has been approved for, the expected date of return, and if any non-Business courses are permitted during the leave. Applicable fees will be re-assessed and pro-rated according to the effective date of withdrawal for the current term.
Any deviation from an approved leave of absence plan requires permission from the BTM program in order for the proper changes to be made by the Registrar’s Office.
Application for readmission is not required, providing you return for the term as expected and approved. You are responsible for contacting the Academic Advising Centre at least one month in advance of your return regarding registration.
If you have any questions, email lbacademicadvising@wlu.ca.