Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations: Faculty of Music

Academic regulations and policies have been designed to assist in accomplishing an educational goal. We understand that sometimes regulations meant for all students will not be appropriate for every student.

Faculty of Music students who wish to have an academic regulation waived and/or petition for an examination deferral due to extenuating circumstances or on compassionate grounds must submit a request using this form.

All students should follow the instructions on the Academic Petitions and Appeals page and/or consult information in the academic calendar. Do not use this form without having carefully reviewed the information on that page including any additional faculty-specific information.

To facilitate the processing of petitioning academic regulations, official documentary evidence must be submitted. If you do not wish to submit your supporting documentation through this online form, documentation can be emailed to Kathy Gauci, delivered in person to A512 or mailbox #41 clearly marked “Petition Documentation” with your name and student number.

Note: Students are fully accountable for all course work until notified of the outcome of the petition. The committee decision will be conveyed via your MyLaurier email.