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Getting Involved

Student Representatives

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry elects three student representatives – two undergraduate and one graduate – every year. Nominations and elections take place in late August and early September, and students serve one-year terms from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.

As a student representative, you would participate in departmental meetings and assist with liaison activities (i.e. Laurier Day, Science Fairs, etc.). In addition, you would hold a position on the Science Faculty Divisional Council. Students serving on Science Divisional Council elect student representatives for the following standing committees:

  • Admission and Student Liaison Committee;
  • Curriculum and Program Committee;
  • Nominations Committee;
  • Petitions and Regulations Committee.

Standing committees meet approximately once a month during the fall and winter terms.

Laurier Chemistry Association

The Laurier Chemistry Association (LCA) is a group dedicated to bringing chemistry students closer together through various academic and social events. The group promotes the establishment of valuable connections between chemistry students of all years, as well as faculty members.

The Laurier Chemistry Association serves undergraduate students within the faculty of science as well as the department of chemistry and biochemistry to enhance the student experience. 

The LCA was the 2017 and 2018 recipient of the National Canadian Society for Chemistry Student Chapter Merit Award.

For more information, contact LCA.

Faculty of Science Students' Association

The Faculty of Science Students’ Association (FOSSA) represents the nearly 4,000 science students by providing a diverse and enlightening experience to the Laurier Science Community. The goal of FOSSA is to enhance the university experience for all students officially registered in programs offered by the Faculty of Science.  FOSSA provides activities, information and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental and social conditions of its members throughout the year and acts as a liaison between the various affiliated student clubs in the Faculty of Science and the Students’ Union.  

Student Job Opportunities

Instructional Assistantships

Instructional assistants are hired on a per-term basis to assist faculty in labs and tutorials. If you are interested, submit the Instructional Application Form.


The department employs senior students on a piecework basis to mark assignments, quizzes and midterm examinations. If you are interested, submit the Marker Application Form.


Proctoring is typically between one to two hours of work a few times per semester. Some exams require proctoring on Saturdays. If you are interested, please submit the Proctor Application Form and you will be notified when proctor opportunities become available.