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Our faculty members conduct research in the areas of algorithms, graph theory, symbolic computation, computational algebra, reliable computing, quantum information processing, pattern recognition, photonics, chaos theory, and laser optics. They actively publish research papers in recognized journals and international conference proceedings.

Contact individual faculty members if you are interested in research or supervision opportunities.  Please note, permission of the department to be registered in a directed study/research course must be requested at a minimum of one month previous to the start of term.

Need Access to a Building?

If you're a graduate student, research assistant, doing a thesis, or otherwise need access to Science buildings outside regular hours, fill out the Building Access Request Form for the Department of Physics and Computer Science. It's your responsibility to read University Policies regarding health, safety and security.

Faculty Research Interests

Maher Ahmed

Dariush Ebrahimi

  • Research Interests: intelligent transportation systems (ITS), internet of things (IoT), wireless communications, cloud and edge computing, algorithm and optimization, data mining and big data. 
  • Papers from Google and citations
  • Papers from DBLP

Hongbing Fan

  • Research Interests: reconfigurable switch modules and on-chip interconnection networks, logic synthesis, verification and testing, partition and routing problems in VLSI design, parameterized algorithms for vertex cover, dominating set, and path width problems, integer flow, decomposition, obstruction set and reconstruction problems in graph theory, mathematical modelling and optimization in operations research.
  • Papers from DBLP
  • Papers from AMS MathSciNet

Angèle M. Foley

Shohini Ghose

Chính T. Hoàng

Alexei Kaltchenko

Ilias S. Kotsireas

Yang Liu

Marek S. Wartak

  • Research Interests: laser modelling, semiconductor photonic device design and engineering in the area of bulk and semiconductor quantum well (QW) optical amplifiers.
  • Papers from DBLP
  • Papers from NASA ADS
  • University Research Professor, 2005-2006

Li Wei

  • Research interests: Optical filters, fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), chromatic dispersion compensators, optical switches, fiber optics sensors, fiber lasers, and electromagnetic (EM) waves in nanotubes.
  • Papers from Google Scholar

Evgueni (Eugene) Zima

Research Centres

Research Collaborations


Laurier is a founding member of the Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computer Network (SHARCNET). High performance computer clusters at member universities and colleges are linked by a state-of-the-art fibre optic network to provide computing, visualization and networking resources for students, researchers, and industry partners doing computational research in critical areas of science, engineering and business.
Laurier SHARCNET Technical Support Analyst: Doug Roberts

Laurier is a member of CMC Microsystems a non-profit corporation that provides students and researchers with industry-calibre design resources, access to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and support services for research in microelectronics (ICs and embedded system design and prototyping), microelectromechanical systems, microfluidics, photonics and optoelectronics. Through the CMC-supported National Design Network, Laurier participates in the Cadence University Software program which grants access to electronic design automation (EDA) tools for educational institutions.
Laurier Representative: Hongbing Fan