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The Department of Physics and Computer Science has a keypad entry system for most of its teaching labs, since certain courses will require students to access these labs outside of scheduled lab periods.

Labs are generally accessible from the first day or week of classes until the last day of exams of each school term.

Who can access the labs?

See our policies on undergraduate laboratory access. Most access falls into one of the following categories:

Microcomputer labs (N2085 and N2095)

Keypad access to labs is generally reserved for students who need to use software only available in these labs (i.e. not in the other microcomputer labs on campus). Usually this means students in any physics or computer science course at or above second year level.

(PC/CP220 is also included due to the use of digital design software. CP104 and CP164 may also be included.)

Electronics labs (N2082, N2083, N2093)

Access to these labs outside scheduled lab time is usually due to assigned projects, and will depend on the course involved. Students using these labs will be informed if and when they have keypad access.

For other access, such as for students working as research assistants for department professors, contact Terry Sturtevant.

When can someone access the labs?

This differs by course, but in general there is no access when the Science Building is closed. Check the Science Building Hours.

How can someone access the labs?

To access one of the labs, proceed as follows:

  1. If the green light is flashing, type in your student ID. (If the green light isn't flashing, the keypad is not working. See Terry Sturtevant in that case.)
  2. Type in your birthdate, in the form YYMMDD. (If your birthday is September 27, 1998, you would type 980927 .)
  3. Press E (for "Enter").

If access is granted, the green light will come on and the door will unlock.
If access is denied, the red light will come on and the door will remain locked.

If you have any questions, contact Terry Sturtevant in N2092A.

Who designed the security system?

This system was designed and built by our own students. (The plexiglass plate is to allow people to see what's inside, since it's kind of neat.)