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BSW Student Association (BSWSA)

The BSW Student Association is a group of current Laurier Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students working together to provide support, implement events and advocate on behalf of the BSW student body to create a positive environment and community within Laurier.

Executives for 2023-2024 

  • Co-Presidents: Sayak Sneddon-Ghosal, Katie Bird
  • Vice President: Naomi Dunn
  • Fundraising Executives: Eugenia Garcia-Pena, Angeline Bosnak
  • Events Executive: Milena Rios
  • Marketing Executive: Genevieve Devost
  • Fundraising Executive: Megan MacDonald


  • 1st Year Representatives: Leah Macmillan, Chelsea Agyapong, Gabriella Gadsby
  • 2nd Year Representatives: Brent Watts, Gabriel Morris, Grace Pisano
  • 3rd Year Representatives: Kaitlyn Heffron, Bronwyn Allgrove
  • 4th Year Representatives: Kirsty Horner, Megan Jacobs

Become a General Member!

General members are an important part of our Association as they keep our events running and populated. Approved General Members will have their commitment recognized on the Laurier Experience Record (LER). You can get involved by completing the General Member Application Form , follow our Instagram, @wlu_bswsa or email us at


  • Approval for Indigenous Studies minor for streams that began before 2015
  • Community meetings
  • BSW Facebook page
  • Communication between the BSW Student Association and the student body
  • BSW social night
  • Popcorn event
  • Chocolate bar sale (to raise money for a banner)
  • In the process of developing a constitution
  • Participated in Nova Vita's Break the Silence on Domestic Violence campaign

Future Goals

The goal for the Association is simple, but impactful!

The Bachelor of Social Work Students Association wants to create a welcoming and positive environment for all BSW students at Laurier to make friends we can count on. Through interactive events, coming together as one, and all sharing the love for Laurier, Social Work,  and social change, our association will reach our goals.