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Course Offerings

The course list can be found in the LORIS Browse Classes, and a description of courses can be found in the Faculty of Social Work area of the undergraduate academic calendar.

If you would like to take a course for which you are missing a prerequisite or are in the wrong year level or major, you will have to fill out the Bachelor of Social Work Override Form. Filling out the form does not guarantee entry into the course.

If you would like to take more than 2.5 credits in one term, you will have to fill out the Bachelor of Social Work Course Overload Request Form.

Student Registration

We have reserved specific sections of courses in year 2 and 3 for each stream which will allow your professors to present content and processes in a way that builds upon your work experience and allows for different discussion opportunities.

When registering for your courses, please register for the following sections of these courses using the CRN provided.

To add your courses by CRN:

  • Log into LORIS and select the term you are registering for. Navigate to the Add/Drop Screen.
  • Type in the first CRN to the First box under “CRN”, the CRN for the second class in the second box, etc.
  • Press “Submit Changes.”
  • When the screen reloads, make sure the classes have added successfully.

Having trouble registering for a class? Please email Melissa Weaver, Academic Program Administrator of BSW program, at Want to check your schedule or graduation requirements? Please speak with Academic Advising.