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Planning Process

Students are informed of placement expectations at the time they apply to the Master of Social Work (MSW) program. All incoming students agree to the MSW Field Placement Agreement prior to acceptance to the program.

Once admitted to the program, students participate fully in the placement planning process which begins immediately upon their acceptance to the Faculty of Social Work. The Field Education Office communicates with the students upon acceptance to the program and provides a detailed outline of the placement planning and matching process. At this time students may be invited to individual meetings with the field education coordinator or associate coordinator to discuss their learning interests.

The Field Education Office considers student interest individually and collectively, the student’s experience, instructor’s requirements, agency requirements and a student’s accommodation needs (through Accessible Learning) when considering a student for a placement opportunity. The field coordinator is ultimately responsible for the placement decision. In some situations, pre-placement interviews are required by the placement setting as per a special agreement with the agency. Normally however, the coordinator and associate coordinator complete the matches based on information provided by students and agencies and inform the parties regarding the decision. Students cannot arrange their own placement; however, they are invited to propose placements within a specific timeframe.

Overview of Placement Planning Based on Cohort 

Planning Sequence for Placements