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Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Kathy Absolon-King
Associate Professor
Program Coordinator: Indigenous Field of Study

Bree Akesson
Associate Professor

Tina Armstrong

Robert Basso
Vice-Chair, Research Ethics Board
Associate Professor
Associate Dean: Bachelor of Social Work Program

Banakonda Kennedy-Kish Bell

Dawn Buzza
Professor, Faculty of Education

Cheryl-Anne Cait
Associate Professor

Gary Cameron
Lyle S. Hallman Chair in Child and Family Welfare    

Lea Caragata
Associate Dean: Social Work PhD Program
Academic Integrity Advisor

Ann Curry-Stevens
Associate Professor

Nuha Dwaikat-Shaer

Abdelfettah Elkchirid
Assistant Professor

Marshall Fine
Professor Emeritus

Nancy Freymond
Associate Dean: Master of Social Work Program
Associate Professor 

Charles Gyan
Assistant Professor

Gus Hill
Associate Dean: Indigenous Field of Study
Associate Professor 

Lori Hill
Associate Professor  

Maryam Khan
Assistant Professor  

Martha Kuwee Kumsa

Ginette Lafrenière
Associate Professor
Director, Social Innovation Research Group
Director, Manulife Centre for Community Health Research

Tim Leduc
Assistant Professor

Deena Mandell
Professor Emeritus

Laura Mastronardi

Cameron McKenzie

Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy
Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa    

Anh Ngo

Shoshana Pollack

Jennifer Root
Associate Professor

Michelle Skop
Assistant Professor

Carol Stalker
Professor Emeritus

Eliana Suarez
Associate Professor    

Eli Teram
Professor Emeritus 

Anne Westhues
Professor Emeritus

Michael Woodford
Associate Professor


Roberta Ellington
User Services Supervisor

Vera Fesnak
Head, Copyright and Resource Delivery Services

Meredith Fischer
Social Work Librarian

Contract Academic Staff

Stephanie Baker

Gebre Berihun

Michelle Bloom

Monica Chi

Samantha Clarke

Ian DeGeer

Elizabeth Dougherty

Rebecca Earhart

Sue Gallagher

Cara Grosset

Hilton King

Kelly Laurila

Christine Mayor

Festus Moasun

Angela Murie

Leslie Nichols

Marg Notar

Melissa Popiel

Julia Read

Nancy Riedel Bowers

Kate Ross-Rudow

Jennifer Scarborough

Takhmina Shokirova

Stewart Smith

Helen Song

Heather Stuart

Jennifer Vasic

Debbie Wang

Administrative Staff 

Yumna Al-Adeimi
Manager, MSW Field Education 

Emma Arppe-Robertson
Online Field and Systems Coordinator

Lynn Beney
Recruitment and Admissions Specialist

Laura Coakley
Research Assistant, Manulife Centre for Community Health Research

Michelle Corbett
Senior Administrative Officer

Giselle Dias
Program Administrator (Indigegogy)

Tanya Diriye
Senior Administrative Assistant 

Ashley Donsberger
Academic Program Assistant, Bachelor of Social Work

Jennifer Dunlop
BSW Field Education Coordinator

Karen Frensch
Research Project Manager, Partnerships for Child and Families Project

Peggy Freymond
Administrative Coordinator: MSW and PhD Programs

Margaret Haskell
BSW Field Education Assistant

Lynne Jordan
Coordinator, Professional Development and Alumni Relations

Breanna Kersey
Field Education Assistant

Lisa Leiher
Field Advisor & Recruiter

Zaida Leon
Administrative Assistant  

Anne Linkletter
Intermediate Assistant to the Dean

Cara Loft
Coordinator, Indigenous Field of Study  

Polin Younano
Financial Analyst

Deborah Russell
FSW Programs and Admission Coordinator 

Erin Schreiter
Field Advisor & Recruiter

Jade Squire
Administrative Assistant, FSW Programs, Professional Development and Alumni Relations

Sarah Syrett
BSW Associate Field Coordinator

Sue Turner
Field Advisor & Recruiter

Tracey Watson
MSW Field Education Coordinator