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Course Offerings for 2024/25

Before you begin: 

  • Review your program requirements to ensure you are registering in the required courses for your program in the appropriate terms.
  • Make sure you are viewing the appropriate online or on-campus courses. 
  • Consult the registration guide and how-to videos to assist you through the registration process. 
  • Course registrations are on a first-enrolled, first-served basis.
    • Should the need arise to lower enrolment limits on course sections or even our enrolments over sections, those who registered last in a specific section of a course may be moved to another section offered at the same day, time and delivery method without notice. 
    • Should we be able to increase enrolment limits on a course section, those on a waitlist (where applicable) would have priority on those spaces.
  • Courses are subject to minimum registrations in each section. Courses with low enrolment may be cancelled. If this is necessary, affected students will be notified via email. 
    • on-campus sections are typically just a number or a single letter.
  • SK628, SK635, SK644, SK645, SK646, SK647 and SK648 are for students enrolled in the Indigenous Field of Study Advanced Standing MSW program (IFS) only. Requests for space in those courses from students outside the IFS will not be approved.

If you have questions or receive error messages on LORIS, please review the Error Messages Guide. If that does not help, send us the exact error message you receive or a screenshot of the error as well as your name, ID number and your program to for on-campus students and for online students.

If you are looking for course information from the 2022-2023 academic year, you can find it here

Full-Time Program Course Offerings

The following courses listed are the available required courses and electives open to full-time students. Students in the full-time Regular Track and Advanced Standing programs do not have access to courses in the part-time Regular Track and Advanced Standing programs.

PLACEMENT COURSE: Register for the appropriate placement course in each term that you are scheduled to be in the placement setting. If you are in a field placement, earning hours, you must be registered in the appropriate field placement course.

  • SK541 - Foundational Placement (Year 1 Regular Track Students)
  • SK649 - Advanced Placement (Year 2 Regular Track and Advanced Standing Students)

Times and dates can be found in the dynamic schedule on LORIS.

IMPORTANT: Review sequence of courses required on the program requirements page. 

Fall 2024

Winter 2025

Spring 2025

Year 1 Regular Track

1, 2, 3
SK504 1, 2, 3, 4
SK507 1, 2, 3
SK522 1, 2, 3
SK545 1, 2, 3

Year 2 Regular Track & Advanced Standing 

SK508 1, 2
SK621 1, 2
SK649 A
SK651 1, 2
SK690 1, 2


Year 1 Regular Track Students

SK509 1
SK536 1, 2, 3
SK541 B
SK552 1, 2
SK599 B
SK641 1
SK681 1, WB1*

Year 2 Regular Track & Advanced Standing

SK649 B
2 Electives

In Person
SK619 1
SK632B 1
SK632V 1
SK659 1
SK668 1

SK605 WB2
SK632X WA1
SK656 WA1

*limited space, requires departmental approval

Year 1 Regular Track 

SK541 C
SK615 1, 2, 3, 4
SK665 1, 2, 3, 4

Advanced Standing

SK615 1, 2, 3, 4
SK665 1, 2, 3, 4
2 Electives

In Person
SK693 1
SK641 1*


SK632N SA1

*limited space, requires departmental approval


Please choose only two electives  for the Winter term. Those who register in more than 2 electives  are at risk of being removed from the extra electives at our discretion. We will allow additional elective courses to be added to Winter after December 1 should space be available. 


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International Social Work Diploma

Please contact the programs office for assistance with course registration.

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Online Course Offerings

Online courses are first and foremost for our online program students. 

Your program sequencing, for Regular Track or Advanced Standing, is outlined in your Welcome email sent at the time of admission.

You must register for courses as they are outlined in your sequence.  Deviation from your program sequence will result in de-registration.

If you are off-track due to a leave from the program or change of placement start term, email for your individualized course plan.

Online course sections:

    • Start with F, W, or S for the applicable fall, winter, or spring academic term.
    • The term is followed by a section:  A for the 1st 6 weeks, B for 2nd 6 weeks and C for the full term courses.
    • Some courses are designed for specific programs. Courses with term (F, W, S) followed by AS are for the Advanced Standing program and RT for the Regular Track program.
    • Exception: Course sections starting with FI or PI are for the Indigenous Field of Study program only.

When choosing sections, evenly distribute A and B six-week sections.

PLACEMENT COURSE: Register for the appropriate placement course in each term that you are scheduled to be in the placement setting. 

  • SK600 - Regular Track Students
  • SK649 - Advanced Standing Students

If you receive an error message indicating you have exceeded the maximum credits allowed per term, reach out to for an override.

Course Offerings

Course Offerings for Fall 2024

Fall A

Fall B

Fall C

SK504 FA1, FA2
 SK507 FA1 
SK615 FA1, FA2
SK641 FA1, FA2
SK681 FA1

SK632N FA1
SK656 FA1
SK693 FA1

 Electives Requiring Override:
SK641 FA1, FA2
SK681 FA1

SK509 FB1
SK545 FB1, FB2
SK552 FB1, FB2
SK651 FB1
SK690 FB1

SK605 FB1
SK632X FB1
SK668 FB1

 Electives Requiring Override:
SK509 FB1
SK552 FB1, FB2


SK536 FC1

SK621 FC1, FC2

Field Placement: 

SK600 FC1
SK649 FC1

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Course Offerings for Winter 2025

Winter A

Winter B

Winter C

SK504 WA1, WA2
SK507 WA1
SK522 WA1, WA2
SK615 WA1, WA2
SK665 WA1, WA2

SK632J WA1
SK668 WA1



SK501 WB1, WB2, WB3, WB4
SK651 WB1
SK681 WB1
SK690 WB1

SK605 WB1
SK632P WB1
SK652 WB1
SK693 WB1

 Electives Requiring Override:

SK681 WB1

SK536 WC1
SK621 WC1, WC2

Field Placement: 

SK600 WC1
SK649 WC1


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Course Offerings for Spring 2025

Spring A 

Spring B

Spring C

SK504 SA1, SA2, SA3, SA4
SK507 SA1
SK552 SA1
SK615 SA1, SA2


SK619 SA1
SK632M SA1
SK668 SA1

 Electives Requiring Override:

SK552 SA1

SK545 SB1, SB2, SB3
SK651 SB1
SK665 SB1, SB2, SB3
SK690 SB1


SK632K SB1
SK656 SB1


SK536 SC1, SC2

SK621 SC1

 Field Placement: 

SK600 SC1
SK649 SC1

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