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TurnItIn and Gradescope (MyLS Course Tool)

TurnItIn and Gradescope are course tools in MyLS.


TurnItIn® is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service that checks your writing for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying. When you submit your paper, Turnitin® compares it to text in its massive database of student work, websites, books, articles, etc.

Turnitin® is integrated into the Dropbox tool. This means that when you upload your paper to your classroom for grading, it will automatically be sent through the Turnitin® repository. The Similarity Report that it generates will help identify possible instances of plagiarism.

Dropbox folders with the Turnitin® enabled icon will have all submissions go to through the Turnitin® repository.


For the majority of your paper-based Gradescope assignments, you must scan a copy of the assignment in order to create a PDF for submission.