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Gender Inclusivity

Being identified by the correct name contributes to an individual's autonomy, dignity and safety. For students seeking to change their documented or legal name at Laurier please see the processes and supports below.

Legal Name Change Forms

This form is for students who wish to change their legal name in LORIS including their academic records (Transcripts, Verification of Enrolment, etc.).

Chosen (Preferred) Name Change Form

This process is for students requesting to update their name for internal use only, (ie. chosen first name, nickname, remove middle name, etc.).

Step 1: Fill out the student Preferred Name Change Form to have your chosen name reflected on in LORIS as well as all MyLearningSpace (MyLS) classroom lists.

Please note that your chosen name will not reflect on official documentation (i.e. degree/transcript/confirmation of enrolment).

Step 2: Request a new one card with your chosen name for exams.

Step 3: Request your chosen name to be displayed on your MyLaurier email and in Zoom through the student help desk.

Gender and Sex Options

For more information about changing gender and/or sex options please connect with Service Laurier.

Changing your name can be both a costly and labour-intensive process; if you are a student seeking support navigating internal or external name change processes, please reach out to The Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at

For staff and faculty seeking information, support or training please email or visit the staff and faculty resources on connect.

Gender Inclusive Health Care

Did you know that The Student Wellness Centre offers Trans Inclusive health care options? Book an appointment with them to find out more.

LSPIRG Gender Pronoun Campaign

In 2017, LSPIRG launched our Gender Pronoun Campaign in both Waterloo and Brantford. This campaign includes a run down of what gender pronouns are, how to use them, and how you can be in solidarity with trans/non-binary folks. This campaign was created between LSPIRG and the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. With particular support from the Rainbow Centre on the Waterloo campus. Learn more about the campaign and gender pronouns here.