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Gender Inclusivity

Your Identity

Being identified by the correct name contributes to an individual's autonomy, dignity and safety. For students seeking to change their documented or legal name at Laurier please see the processes and supports below.

Inclusive Washroom Initiative

Inclusive washroom signage

Everyone has the right to use the washroom in accordance with their lived gender identity and/or gender expression. Accessing a washroom on campus can present a barrier for some trans and gender diverse people due to gender monitoring and fear of harm and harassment. Laurier worked to address this barrier throughout 2016 and 2017 by implementing an initiative that replaced the gender specific signs at single-user restrooms with signs free of gender symbols. This was a critical first step to increasing the inclusiveness of Laurier, however, it is not a complete solution.

The Inclusive Washroom Initiative serves as the next step to increasing the inclusiveness of spaces at Laurier by providing signage at multi-user washrooms indicating that Laurier respects and supports everyone's right to choose a washroom based on how they identify and present. This signage will also remind people to refrain from commenting on who is accessing which washroom.​

Signage image text: Laurier supports everyone's right to choose a washroom that aligns with their gender identity. People using this space belong here.

Additional Resources

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