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Frequently Used Forms

Changing Undergraduate Programs

Be sure to check out the steps associated with Changing your Undergraduate Programs ahead of submitting the following forms:

Override and Overload Forms

Confirm the faculty to which your program belongs to ensure you are using the correct override or overload forms.

Name Changes

Being identified by the correct name contributes to an individual’s autonomy, dignity and safety.

For students seeking to change their documented or legal name at Laurier, refer to the processes and supports below.

Legal Name Change

Complete the Legal Name Change and Birthdate Correction Form to change your legal name and birthdate in LORIS, including your academic records (degree, transcript, confirmation of enrolment).

Official documentation is required to be submitted with the form (e.g., birth certificate, valid passport, marriage certificate, or name change document from the ministry).

Preferred Name Change

Complete the Preferred Name Change Form to update your chosen name for internal use only in LORIS and MyLearningSpace classroom lists.

A chosen name can be your chosen first name, nickname, removal of middle name, etc.

Your chosen name will not be reflected on official documentation such as degree, transcript or confirmation of enrolment.

You can also:

  • Request a new OneCard with your chosen name for exams.
  • Request your chosen name to be displayed on your MyLaurier email and in Zoom through the student help desk.

For any questions about this process, connect with Service Laurier.