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Room Assignment and Changes

Rights Reserved by the Department of Residence

Residence students are entitled to enjoy a reasonable right to privacy in their residence rooms. However, the Department of Residence reserves the right to enter rooms, terminate contracts, repossess rooms or reassign students, and to initiate other steps necessary and advisable for the safety, security and well-being of the community and university assets.

Room Assignment Process

Room assignments are processed on a lottery basis using the residence preferences selected in the application.

In the online residence application, students are able to select their top two residence preferences.

All students participate in lotteries for their first and second residence preferences. However, due to demand for a particular residence preference and the number of rooms available, students may not receive an assignment in one of their selected preferences.

Typically there is a greater demand for "dormitory-style, semi-private rooms" and "apartment-style, single rooms" than the number of rooms available. In previous years, all of these rooms have been filled after the first room assignment lottery is held based upon first residence preferences.

Students should contact the Department of Residence at before submitting their Residence Application if they have any questions regarding the room assignment process.

Room Changes After Moving Into Residence


You are prohibited from subletting your residence room and from permitting its use by others, except as outlined in the policy regarding guests.