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Your Residence. Your Room.

Your new residence room will become a place of fond memories throughout the year and we want to ensure you are comfortable. 

Below are a few areas to keep in mind as you make your residence room your own.

Residence Room Guidelines


Residence students are allowed to put up decorations, but they must not present a fire hazard because of size and material, and they cannot exceed more than 20% of the wall and ceiling space. During move-in, students are provided with wall mount tape to put up posters and pictures. If you require more mounts for decorations, contact your Don.

Should your decorations (including LED light strips and 3M hooks) remove paint or create damage, you are responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement.

The following guidelines are provided for your reference:

  • Only decorate 25% of doors maximum (including wrapping paper)
  • Apartment/room number must remain visible at all times in case of emergency
  • Nothing should be blocking hallways or stairwells (routes of egress)
  • Lights must be CSA approved (will have a sticker on them) and must be plugged directly into an outlet, not an extension cord. CSA battery operated lights are also permitted.
  • Items that are not permitted:
    • Blow-up decorations in hallways
    • Lights plugged in with cord across a hallway (trip hazard)
    • LED light strips
    • 3M hooks (off brand or dollar store hooks also not permitted)
    • Stick-on wall calendar, whiteboards, mirrors etc. that cannot be adhered with WLU-provided mounting tape
    • Holiday trees in hallways
    • Decorations covering walls and hanging from the ceiling 


Furniture not supplied by the Department of Residence, with the exception of an office/desk chair, is prohibited in the buildings (e.g. waterbeds, mattresses, beanbag chairs, etc.). Existing furniture is prohibited from being removed from resident rooms or lounges.

Athletic Activity

Conducting athletic activity in residence rooms, hallways and/or common areas is prohibited.


A minimal amount of space for storage is located throughout each residence. Residents may not use the hallway as storage. Residents are personally responsible for items placed in storage rooms. The university assumes no responsibility for missing or damaged items. All items in storage must be removed at check out.

Windows and Screens

Residents will be responsible for ensuring that the screen remains in their window, free of holes/tears and that the screen is not removed/relocated. Residents will be charged for damage to or replacement of the screen. Residents are also responsible for ensuring that window and balcony door locks and limiters remain secure at all times. Throwing or dropping any object or substance from windows, stairwells, balconies or rooftops is strictly prohibited.

Damage and Vandalism

Students are responsible for the condition of their bedrooms and suite common areas. Students will be held responsible for the cost of any repairs and/or replacement of residence property resulting from vandalism, carelessness, neglect or any other damage.

Restricted Areas

Custodial rooms, elevator shafts and maintenance areas are all restricted. Students found to have accessed restricted areas will be subject to the residence conduct process.