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The Career Centre offers a range of workshops such as career planning, job search preparation, further education and more. Attend workshops to earn the Career Development Certificate and the Engagement and Employability Certificate

Register for Workshops

Check the Career Centre event calendar for our current offerings, or contact us if you have a request for specific programming. Register for workshops individually or enrol in the Career Prep Program to complete eight workshops with a small group over a 4- or 8-week period.


Career Planning

Are you not sure where you're headed? Do you know what you want but you're not sure how to get there? Attend a workshop to learn how to gather relevant information, insights and resources to explore opportunities and how to develop a plan to get there.

Resumé Writing

Is your resumé getting you the interviews you want? This workshop offers tips on the use of appropriate formatting, layout and how to select and present relevant skills to an employer. Whether you are looking for a part-time or summer job while you study or a full-time opportunity after graduation, the resumé workshop is for you!

Cover Letter Writing

Do you need a cover letter? An effective cover letter can set you apart and will show the employer why you are the best person for the job. Attend this workshop to learn about the format, layout and content of compelling cover letters.

ASPIRE for Graduate Students

ASPIRE is a professional skills development training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Laurier. ASPIRE provides a framework to help you craft an individualized, extracurricular learning plan tailored to your professional journey and entry to the workplace.

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Job Search and Networking

Do you want to increase the chances of getting the job you really want? Did you know most job openings are full before they are posted? Join job search professionals and your peers to talk about job search tips and gain feedback on your job search strategy in an informal setting. Whether you are in first-year looking for a summer job or graduating and looking for a full-time job, these sessions will prove to be invaluable and jam-packed with resources.

Interview Success

What are employers really looking for from candidates? Join us as we discuss how to prepare for a successful job interview. We'll show you how to identify and present your best qualifications, formulate effective answers to common interview questions and offer you tips to help reduce stress and maximize your performance. Learn about making a positive first impression and about the advantages of a successful follow-up.


Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If so, are you using it to the fullest? Participants in this workshop will learn about tools and strategies to build their LinkedIn profile, represent themselves professionally, maximize their career research and build their online networks.

Transferable Skills

Do you know what skills employers are seeking? Do you know what transferable skills means? Learn how to make your experiences valuable to an employer. Attend this workshop to help develop your ability to understand and articulate your skills on a resumé and in an interview.

Workplace Expectations: Professionalism basics

Starting a new position? Preparing ahead of time and understanding your responsibilities in a professional setting will help. Attend this workshop to learn more about expectations in the workplace and how to best prepare yourself for success.

Network With Confidence

Do you find networking a challenge? Not sure where to start? Attend this workshop to learn how to network at events, build your elevator pitch and gain strategies for conducting informational interviews.

Further Education Planning Workshops

These workshops are for students considering furthering their education beyond their degree at Laurier. Learn about admission requirements and application procedures for several types of post-degree programs, and how the Career Centre can help you with the application process. For example, applying to graduate school, teacher education programs, or law school. 

Specialized Sessions

We also offer tailored workshops and events for specific academic disciplines, career fields, first-year students and distinct student groups.