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Individual Services

Appointments to meet with a Career Centre staff member can be booked electronically through Navigator. You can also book an appointment by calling the Career Centre or visiting in person.

Any questions about appointments can be sent to (Waterloo/Kitchener) or (Brantford). 

How to Book Your Appointment

To book an appointment:

  • Log in to Navigator and click Book an Appointment.
  • Select your home campus calendar.
  • Book by appointment type. Appointments are 15 - 45 minutes in length.

Teams Set-Up for Online Appointments

You will either see a link to join a Teams meeting as the appointment location or you will be emailed a link by the consultant providing the appointment.

To access the online appointment: 

  • Click the link at the time of your appointment and then "Join on web instead" (no software download required).
  • If you are on your phone, you will be prompted to download the free Teams app and join as a guest.

Resumé Feedback 

Before you submit a job application, have your resumé reviewed by the Career Centre. We provide feedback on formatting, how to tailor your resumé to a role, how to best display your skills and experience, or simply offer a final review before you hit submit!

To receive resumé feedback:

  • Send your resumé to (Waterloo) or (Brantford). Feedback is delivered within two business days.
  • Book a same-day, brief appointment. Same-day appointments are open for booking at 9 a.m., available Monday to Friday from 1 - 4 p.m. for Waterloo students, and Wednesdays from 1 - 3 p.m. for Brantford students. Brantford same-day appointments increase to Tuesday to Thursday from 1 - 3 p.m. from September to April.

Types of Appointments

Career Consulting/Planning

  • Self-assessment and interest inventories.
  • Changing or selecting a career.
  • Deciding on a major or an area of study related to career possibilities.
  • Optimizing volunteer experience.
  • Identifying relevant transferable skills.
  • Identifying jobs and employers relevant to your education.

Preparing for Further Education

  • Graduate school applications and tests.
  • Information on professional schools including faculties of education, medical school, law school and others.
  • How to complete statements of interest required for graduate schools.
  • Post-degree programs at college.

Looking for Employment

  • Job search and networking (learn how to access the hidden job market).
  • Resumés and cover letters.
  • Interviews and mock interview practice (including virtual interviews).
  • Job and salary negotiation.

Explore Career Options

Gain inspiration and insight into a range of careers you may not have previously considered. Browse career information by major to discover potential career options, employers, related resources and more.

The Career Consulting Process

Career consultants can provide you with information on many occupations based on your interests, skills, preferences, past experiences, education and training.

Your Commitment

If you require a career consulting appointment, you should be prepared to commit two to three hours of time over a three to four week interval:

  • Initial career advising individual appointment (45 minutes).
  • Completion of one or more assessment tools (30 minutes).
  • Attend an assessment debrief appointment, if you choose to complete assessment tools (one hour).
  • Follow-up appointment with a career consultant to further discuss your individual situation (45 minutes).

Career consultants may recommend self-assessment tools, which will be delivered and interpreted by trained staff.

Appointment Policy

  1. Career Centre appointments are available for Laurier students, alumni, faculty and staff only.
  2. Maximum number of appointments between September and August is 10; this includes same-day appointments and booked appointments.
  3. Students who no-show for two appointments will no longer be able to book appointments in Navigator.

Any questions can be directed to (Waterloo/Kitchener/Toronto students) or (Brantford students).