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Step 1: Applying on Navigator

This is the first step in a three-step application process. Please review the information in Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 to prepare for a successful application.

  • Arts
  • Business and Economics 
  • Business Technology Management
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Double Degree (Laurier)
  • Double Degree (UW)
  • Professional Experience Program
  • Science (includes Psychology)
  • User Experience Design Program (Liberal Arts, Brantford)
  • Water Science and Environmental Health

Application Status

The application deadline was Monday, September 13 for students seeking admission to co-op in 2021.

The application process is closed. We do not accept late applications.

How to Apply

Enrolment in co-op is limited and there is a competitive admission process for co-op programs in Arts, Business, Economics, Science, and User Experience Design. You must be enrolled full-time in second year as of September. (If you are seeking admission to UXD Co-op or to PEP, you are eligible if you will be enrolled full-time in third year in September.)

English and Film Studies majors planning to pursue VFS Pathways, please see the Arts Programs page.

Login to Navigator

After logging in and accessing your home page on Navigator:

  1. Choose "co-op" from the navigation box on the left side of the page. You will reach a list of programs.
  2. Select the co-op program to which you are applying.


In 2021, the deadline was Monday, September 13. We do not accept late applications.

In 2022, the deadline for applying to co-op is the first day of classes in September of second year. (Students in UXD and PEP apply at the beginning of third year.)

  • To apply, select “Submit Application.” (All you do for now is press this button; there is no application form.)
  • You may verify your submission by logging back in and confirming your information has been saved for the fall 2021 admission period.
  • You will receive an email to your Laurier address, confirming that you have applied.
  • Once you have received the confirmation email, you have nothing more to do but wait until we send you an email stating whether you are eligible for an admission interview. 

*If you change academic programs after applying, please send an email to and let us know your new program.

Application Status

You may track your application status by accessing your account through the application link and by checking your Laurier email.

Eligibility Email

In August, we begin contacting undergraduate applicants by email about their eligibility for an interview. You will learn whether you have met the minimum GPA required to be eligible for an admission interview. (If you are applying for co-op in Computer Science, Data Science, or Water Science and Environmental Health, you will receive an email in the fall.)

Go to Step 2 for details about booking your interview, submitting a resume, and other requirements.

Automatic Enrolment Co-op Programs 

If you are in one of the programs below, you may learn about your program's co-op program by attending an information session in the winter term of your first year.

If you accept admission to co-op you must agree to follow the admission conditions for your program.

Business Technology Management (BTM)

We offer automatic entry into co-op to all students who meet the requirements of the BTM program. Please indicate your intention to participate in co-op by enrolling on Navigator.

BBA/BSc or BBA/BA Double Degree

Enrolment in co-op is optional for students in the Honours BBA and BSc in Computer Science or Honours BBA and BA in Financial Management double degree program at Laurier. If you will be registered in second year in a double degree program at Laurier as of September 2022, and you indicate your intention to participate in co-op by enrolling online through Navigator by the application deadline, you will receive an offer of automatic entry into co-op.

Note: If you switch from double degree to a single degree, you must apply to co-op by the application deadline and participate in the competitive admission process. (In 2021, the deadline was September 13.)

Professional Experience Program (PEP) 

If you are a student in Computer Science who will be registered in third year as of September and you apply on Navigator by the deadline, you will receive an offer automatic entry to PEP, providing you have met PEP course and GPA requirements.  

Mandatory Enrolment Co-op

BBA/Math (UW) or BBA/CS (UW) Double Degree

If you are in the Honours BBA (Laurier) and Honours Mathematics (UW) or the Honours BBA (Laurier) and Honours Computer Science (UW), you are required to participate in co-op. If you progress to Year 2, you will be enrolled automatically in co-op as of early September. You will attend training modules during orientation week of your second year.

Note: If you switch from double degree to a single degree, you must apply to co-op by the application deadline and participate in the competitive admission process. (In 2021, the deadline was September 13.)