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Work-Study Sequences

Depending on your co-op program, you will be required to complete between two and four co-op work terms. Review the work-study sequences below to determine your potential work-study schedule.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students indicate the work-study sequence they prefer during their admission interview. Please review the BBA Work Sequence Options before your interview to select the best sequence(s) for you. All decisions are final* and we will not permit changes later.

Students in Sequence One begin their first work term in Spring.

Students who enter Sequence Two in 2024 complete 3A in Spring 2025 and begin their first work term in Fall 2025.

We now assign more than half the BBA students we admit to Sequence Two.

* All decisions are final, with the following exception: If you participate in the early CPA recruiting period for, the Co-op Office allows you to apply for jobs beginning in May and September, regardless of your sequence.