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Co-op Application FAQ

Co-op Application

When do I apply to be in co-op?

Students apply to co-op by the first Monday of classes in their second year. In 2020, the application deadline is Sept. 14, 2020. The only entry point for admission to co-op is at the beginning of the fall term in second year. We do not accept late applications.

Where do I apply?

You apply through the Navigator database. It’s as easy as selecting “Co-op," your program, and clicking “submit application." See the Applying to Co-op section for the step by step details.

I’m a double degree student; is co-op admission guaranteed?

Students in Business and Financial Mathematics or Business and Computer Science at Laurier are offered automatic entry to co-op and may enrol online until the first Monday of classes. The only entry point for co-op is at the beginning of second year.

Co-op is compulsory for double degree students doing a BBA at Laurier and their other degree at UW. Additional information can be found on the Double-Degree Co-op Program page.

I’m transferring from another university; may I still apply?

Absolutely. The Co-op Office will determine your eligibility for an admissions interview after receiving your previous transcripts from the Registrar’s Office. Remember, you must be entering the second year of your studies with no more than 7.5 credits and you must meet the GPA requirements in order to be considered for an admissions interview.

GPA and Marks

What is the minimum GPA required for Business and Economics Co-op? What if I don’t meet this requirement?

We set the minimum GPA in July each year. In 2019, candidates to Business and Economics Co-op had to achieve an overall first-year GPA of at least 8.8 out of 12 to be eligible for an admission interview. We expect the minimum GPA will be 8.8 or even higher in 2020. (The actual average GPA of students to whom we offered admission in 2020 was 10.3).

We consider all first-year courses completed between September and April in your first year; you must have five full credits.

If you don’t meet the minimum GPA, consult the Grade Requirements.

What is the first-year GPA requirement for Arts and Science students to be granted an admission interview?

Students in Arts or Science must achieve either a first-year overall GPA of at least 7.0 out of 12 or a GPA of at least 7.0 in their honours discipline courses and at least a 6.5 GPA overall.

Which marks do you consider when calculating my GPA?

We consider all first-year courses completed between September and April in your first year. See the Marks for Applicants drop down for more detail.

May I take re-take courses during the summer to improve my GPA?

You may retake courses in the summer. We may, however, give more credit for academic achievement to students who achieved the minimum GPA cut-off by the end of the winter 2020 term.

We will not consider marks we receive after Monday of the second week of classes in September. Before taking courses through another school, check whether they will provide you with marks by our deadline.

Admission Interview

When are admissions interviews?

Early to mid-September. Staff will send an email to students beginning in August about scheduling an admissions interview.

What do you consider in the admissions interview?

Four categories (weighted equally):

  • Work experience in the last three years
  • Volunteer service and extracurricular activities in the last three years
  • Academic record in your first year at Laurier (GPA)
  • Performance during the interview

Consult Step 2: Application Review for all the information you'll need for your interview.

What are interviewers looking for when assessing volunteer and extracurricular involvement for the co-op admission process?

Candidates should be able to list all the roles they have held during senior high school and university. If you did more than attend meetings, explain how you contributed to each organization.

I have had many jobs but they are not very relevant to business. How will this affect my eligibility for Business and Economics Co-op?

The admission process is very competitive, as we interview many more students than we can admit to co-op. We assess both the quality and the quantity of work experience. Students with related experience in an office or in a supervisory role have an advantage if they are able to communicate this effectively during the interview.

Try to build on the work experience you have obtained already, and search for relevant work experience during your first year or during the following summer.

Even when describing jobs that may not be relevant to co-op, it is wise to explain your role, responsibilities and how you gained skills.

Do I need to supply references?

On the resume you provide to the Co-op Office before your interview, please include each employer's name, phone number and email address along with the job description. Follow the sample resume template.

We expect students to present their skills and experience truthfully and factually, as per the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to verify any information provided and any student who is found to have misrepresented himself or herself will be ineligible for enrolment in the co-op program.