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Step 2: Application Review

Updated October 4, 2021


We have completed the admission process for Arts Co-op, Business and Economics Co-op, and Science Co-op.

The application review is the second step in a three-step application process.

The first step is to apply by following Step 1: Applying on Navigator. 

In 2021, the deadline was September 13. The application process is closed and we do not accept late applications.

In 2022, the deadline is the first day of classes in the fall term.

Once you have applied, we check your marks to see whether checking you meet the minimum GPA requirement for your program. (We will have access to your marks in July.)

If you meet the minimum GPA, we will ask you to schedule an admission interview, review and submit an introductory statement and form, and upload a resume. (New: You will be asked to provide information about your employment history in the introductory form.)

If you are a BBA student, we will also ask you to indicate which sequence of work and study terms you prefer.

(UXD students: We will ask you to send your portfolio to by the application deadline.)

In this step, you will find information about: 

To see a recording for of the information session about applying to co-op in your program, scroll down to View Webinar.

Admission Interview Status

We have completed the admission process for applicants to Arts Co-op, Business and Economics Co-op, and Science Co-op in 2021.

Resume Submission

Please upload your resume at least four business days before your admission interview is scheduled to take place. For example, if your interview is on a Monday, you must complete the introductory statement and form and upload your resume by the previous Tuesday


  • In preparing your resume, please follow the sample format for your program.
  • Please save your resume as a PDF before uploading it.
  • Provide as much detail as possible in two pages. (Include your photo on a separate page.)
Your resume must include:
  • the name and contact information for each employer you list in the work experience section.*
  • a statement verifying that the information is accurate
  • a photo of yourself on a separate page

*If you were self-employed, you may list a client's name, if applicable.

How to Submit Your Resume

To submit your resume, you must complete the introductory statement and form. (You will receive the form once you have scheduled your admission interview.) Once you have completed the introductory statement and form, you will be prompted to upload your resume.

Changes or Resubmissions

If you need to resubmit/change your resume, please send your resume to:

In your message, state that you have updated your resume, and include your full name and your interview date. 

Resume Examples

Please follow the format used in the sample resume for your program. (If you are admitted to co-op, we will have you follow a different format when applying to co-op positions.)

Extenuating Circumstances  

Follow the link below to see the extenuating circumstances we will accept.

We will consider extenuating circumstances that may have an impact on one of the following:

  • your performance during the interview
  • your marks in first year
  • your ability to work
  • your ability to participate in volunteer service and extracurricular activities 


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a global effect on the economy and the labour market, and has therefore had an impact on all candidates. For this reason, we will not consider the pandemic as an extenuating circumstance for any individual student.
  • If you became seriously ill with COVID-19, or if you were the primary caregiver for a member of your immediate family (parent, sibling or child) who was ill with COVID-19, you may ask us to consider as an extenuating circumstance the effects of this situation on your marks, work experience, or volunteer or extracurricular activities.

If you would like us to consider your extenuating circumstances during the interview process, send a request to at least 48 hour before your interview. You must include:

  • a written explanation, in no more than 500 words, or one page, of your extenuating circumstances and the impact they had on either your interview performance, your marks in first year, your ability to work, or your ability to participate in volunteer service and extracurricular activities. 
  • supporting documentation*
  • included your name and Laurier student number in the subject line of your email.

*See accepted extenuating circumstances, below, for details on supporting documentation.

Accepted Extenuating Circumstances

Admission Decisions, Feedback and Appeals

If you did not receive an offer of admission and wish to receive feedback from interviewers or appeal the decision, please review Notice of Admission Decisions, Feedback and Appeals for next steps.

New: Business and Economics students will find a link to a webinar with information about this year's admission process and how to request feedback.