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Co-op Fees

The co-op fee is assessed to recover a portion of the overall costs of maintaining Laurier's co-operative education programs and promoting the programs to employers. 

On average, Arts co-op and Science co-op students receive lower salaries and work fewer weeks each term than Business and Economics co-op students. They complete fewer work terms than students in other undergraduate co-op programs and are expected to participate to a greater extent in the job search process. For these reasons, they are charged lower fees.

The co-op fee is not an employment fee and you must pay it regardless of whether you obtain an approved work term position. Once you have confirmed your admission to co-op, you are registered in co-op and are responsible for co-op fees. All co-op students at Laurier pay a two-term fee before their first work term. For the Waterloo campus, fees are payable through Service Laurier Waterloo at 202 Regina Street. For the Brantford campus, fees are payable through Service Laurier Brantford in Grand River Hall.

Each May, the university reviews the fees. When the university increases the fee, the increase first appears in your bill for the fall term. 

All co-op fees are:

  • Payable at Service Laurier by the fee due date found on your invoice.
  • Charged an interest penalty of 1.25% on your outstanding balance after the fee due date
  • Assessed on a monthly basis.
  • Outlined in the academic calendar under "Fees." 
  • Subject to Board of Governors' approval and may change without notice.
  • Reviewed annually, with modifications applied to fall term fees.

If you might withdraw from co-op, see the Refunds and Fee Appeals section to learn whether you are eligible for any refund.

Fees by Program