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Admission Requirements

Co-op Admission Conditions 

By accepting admission to co-op, students agree to meet the conditions of admission. Please review the admission conditions for your program. 

Marks Required for an Admission Interview

Updated October 7, 2020

We have finished interviewing candidates seeking admission to Arts Co-op, Business and Economics Co-op, and Science Co-op in 2020.

We interview only those applicants who completed their first year, progressed to the beginning of second year and achieved the minimum required Grade Point Average (GPA) for co-op by the application deadline. The minimum overall GPA includes courses completed at Laurier in the fall and winter terms of your first year. The only entry point for admission to co-op is at the beginning of the fall term in second year of your first undergraduate degree. We do not accept late applications.

You must be pursuing your first undergraduate degree to be eligible for an undergrad co-op program.

Note: Students with more than 7.5 credits are not eligible for co-op as they are too far along in their studies. (Exception: PEP students must have at least 10 credits, and no more than 14 credits.)

Re-Admission to Co-op

Students who are removed from their academic program are not eligible to continue in co-op, even if they are later reinstated into that program.