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Code of Conduct, Petitions, and Admission Conditions

Co-op Student Code of Conduct

As a co-op student, you are bound by the Co-op Student Code of Conduct, which requires you to be accountable, treat people with dignity, act with integrity, and conduct yourself professionally and ethically during the job search process and in the workplace.

Petitions for Exceptions to Co-op Requirements

The section below outlines the process for submitting a petition to request an exception to co-op requirements.

You may request an exception due to illness or a medical condition.

If you contravene co-op requirements and regulations, we will require you to submit a petition to explain your circumstances and help us decide whether you are eligible to remain in co-op. 


  1. If there is an allegation of academic misconduct related to your enrolment in co-op, the university will follow the process outlined in the Student Code of Conduct: Academic Misconduct.
  2. The process below is for use by current co-op students only. If you are a candidate wishing to petition our decision not to offer you admission to co-op, please go instead to Application Review.


By accepting admission to co-op, you agree to meet the conditions of admission. Please review the admission conditions for your program.

Arts, Science, PEP and UX Design

Business, Economics, Double-Degree and BTM

Computer Science and Data Science Co-op

Graduate Co-op

By accepting admission into a graduate co-op program (Master of Arts in Business Administration, Master of Applied Computing, Master of Arts in Communication Studies, Master of Business Administration or Master of Finance) at Wilfrid Laurier University, you agree to meet the following conditions.

Faculty of Arts Co-op