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Off-Campus Opportunities

Most non-profit organizations depend on the valuable support of volunteers. In Canada, over 13 million people volunteer in the charitable and non-profit sector. These community organizations offer countless opportunities to take initiative, explore various roles, interact closely with leadership, and ultimately, advance one’s career at a faster rate.

Organizations in the Waterloo and Brantford communities welcome Laurier students as volunteers and appreciate their contributions. Whether you are interested in social services, health, event planning, fundraising, administrative support, marketing and outreach, there is an opportunity for you!

Virtual, Remote or E-Volunteering

During a time of physical distancing, you can still dedicate your time and support your community through virtual volunteering. Log in to Navigator to view volunteer opportunities for Laurier students or visit your local volunteer centre online.

Check out a full list of virtual opportunities across Canada.

For Ontario, you can check:

How to Get Involved

Meet with a Career Consultant

If you need assistance deciding what type of volunteer position is right for you, book an appointment with a career consultant.

Search Navigator

Log in to Navigator to view volunteer opportunities in Waterloo region and Brantford communities.

Consult with Local Volunteer Centres or Non-Profit Sectors

Visit your local volunteer centre or the Volunteer Action Centre of Waterloo Region.

Learn more about Canada’s non-profit sector through Charity Village.

Volunteer Abroad

Do you love to travel and have a passion to learn first-hand about a new culture? You can expand your professional skills while making a positive contribution by volunteering abroad. There are hundreds of organizations all over the world which welcome volunteers.

Attend a Volunteer Fair

Volunteer fairs are a great way for you to connect with different local organizations at the same time and to learn about volunteer opportunities in the community.

Laurier offers the Community Volunteer Expo each year. The fair is a great way for you to connect with local organizations to learn about volunteer opportunities in the community.

Take a Volunteer Quiz

Take the volunteer quiz on the Volunteer Canada website to know what type of volunteer opportunities suit you best.

Complete the Experiential Certificate

Complete Laurier’s Non-Profit Sector Experiential Certificate.