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Strategies for Academic Success: A Readmission Program

The Strategies for Academic Success (SAS) Program is available for any student that has been required to withdraw as a method for readmission to Laurier. This includes students from all programs across both the Waterloo campus and Brantford campus.  The SAS program is led by a professional team, offering constant support, mentoring, academic advising and mandatory coursework. 

Please note that for the 2021/22 academic year it is anticipated that the SAS Program will be delivered both virtually and in-person.  All sections of SASP-001 will be delivered remotely (in both Fall and Winter terms) however elective courses will vary.  The Fall term will continue primarily in the virtual environment, thus we recommend your electives are remote, not online so that they have a scheduled meeting time and the support of your professor/classmates.  However, at this time the university is planning to return fully in-person for the Winter 2022 term so AF 224 (our second mandatory class) will return to in-person delivery, as will the majority of elective courses.  Due to this, participants should plan accordingly to be available to travel to campus at least 2x/week in the Winter term.   Note the delivery method may change, based on public health guidelines.


  • Registration will OPEN on Tuesday June 8 at 10:00 a.m. for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Please check back here in mid-May for the link to register.
  • There will be an information session about the SAS Program on Thursday May 20th at 6:00 p.m EST. Click HERE to register for the information session.


A $1200.00 fee will be collected upon registration. This is a program fee, covering participation in the program and the non-credit SASP-001 course. You will be required to pay standard tuition and fees for all for-credit courses you register in during the program. In term 1 students will register in one (1) for-credit class; in term 2 students will register in three (3) including the 2nd mandatory SAS class for a total of 1.5 credits, thus qualifying for application to OSAP. Students will pay standard incidental fees each semester, providing access to all on-campus student resources. Please note there is an $150 cancelation fee and refunds will not be issued once the program begins each term.


The Strategies for Academic Success Program has been carefully designed by the Faculty of Arts to support a smooth transition back to your studies, including the following schedule of coursework: 

Term 1

(Offered in the Fall and Winter terms)

SASP001: Strategies for Academic Success 1

Non-credit course.

This course will offer students the necessary tools to be able to navigate their academic journey inside and outside the classroom, focusing on obtaining a more successful outcome through active learning activities. Weekly attendance is mandatory and completion of all assignments is required to successfully pass SASP001. The outcome of this non-credit course is a "pass" or "fail" evaluation weighted at 60%. This course runs 12-weeks in both the Fall and Winter terms and will be delivered remote during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Additional course of your choice

0.5 credit course.

This course will run the full term duration alongside SASP001. Select a course in consultation with your academic advisor to continue learning about what interests you the most! Business (BU) and Economics (EC) courses are not permitted during this term. Standard tuition fees apply for the 0.5-credit course; students are eligible to submit applications for the part-time Canada student loans program. (Note: This funding only helps with the cost of tuition and books; it does not give the student any living allowance). 

A minimum C- is required in this course to be eligible to move forward with the program.

Term 2

AF224: Advanced Foundations for Learning 

0.5 credit course

This course will allow students to apply their previously acquired skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, organizing, and presenting to a range of topics in a faculty taught course. Weekly attendance is mandatory and completion of all assignments is required to successfully pass AF224. This course runs 12-weeks in the term following SASP001. This is a for-credit course that will count towards your GPA and course count towards your degree.

Additional courses of your choice

2 x 0.5 credit courses (1.0 total credit).

You and your academic advisor will select two courses of interest that work toward your degree and improve your GPA. Standard tuition fees apply for the three 0.5-credit courses; students are eligible to apply for OSAP. Students must earn a minimum of 60% on each of these 1.5 credits to be eligible to move forward and to be considered for full-time studies in a General BA degree.

Progression into Full-Time Studies

Following the successful completion of SAS terms 1 and 2, students will be assessed on their eligibility to return to full-time studies in a General BA degree.  The following two terms will be limited to 2.0 credits and supports will be available through academic advising.  See details above for specific requirements in each term.

Support for all students

A professional team facilitates the Strategies for Academic Success, creating a circle of care for all participants. The SAS Program Instructor acts as the lead instructor for SASP-001 and Program Advisor for all participants in term 1 of the program. AF224 is taught by a faculty member committed to innovative pedagogy to ensure post-secondary success. The SAS Social Work Intern, selected from Laurier’s MSW Program, will be available to meet with all SAS participants. The SAS Manager works with all students throughout the entire program, co-facilitating SASP-001/guest lecturing in AF224, providing re-admission advising for all participants before they enter, while participating in, and once they complete the program. All members of the SAS team are available to students throughout their re-admission journey, creating the best possible opportunity for success of all students.  

For more information

Please contact for more information.