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MyDegree is an easy and convenient visual tool to help you course plan and to ensure your degree requirements are being met. It is a self-progression tool that you can use to enhance academic planning discussions. 

MyDegree allows you to: 

  • Track the courses you’ve taken against your program requirements to see what parts of your program you’ve completed.
  • Determine how courses you plan on taking will be used towards completing your degree requirements.
  • Explore how your completed and future coursework could be applied towards another program at the university.

Key times to make use of the tool are:

  • Before you meet with an academic advisor and register in courses for the next semester.
  • After you have registered to ensure courses are applied to your degree progression.
  • After grades are posted.
  • After making any changes to your schedule or major.
  • Before applying for graduation.

Remember, you are still responsible for meeting the academic requirements in the academic calendar and following them. 100% completion on the degree progress bars does not necessarily guarantee completion of all requirements.

Using MyDegree

As MyDegree is not a registration tool, you must follow the usual course registration process. Course registration changes can take up to 24 hours to be reflected. If you do not see an up-to-date record after this time, contact Enrolment Services

MyDegree is only supported in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Check out the video below for a tutorial on how to use the tool:

MyDegree is available to undergraduate students following academic regulations starting with the 2016/17 calendar. (Note: The tool will be available to graduate students in a later phase). At this time, 2015/16 and earlier academic calendars are not available in MyDegree; therefore, program requirements from those years will not be recognized by the platform. Students admitted prior to the 2016/17 academic year can use the tool to perform a "what-if" scenario against newer academic calendar year requirements (see main platform features).

Main Platform Features