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Course Offerings

Anthropology-Approved Courses

As part of their anthropology degree, students can take up to 1.0 credit worth of Anthropology-approved courses in other programs in the Faculty of Arts. See LORIS Browse Classes (formerly Dynamic Schedule) for current course offerings.

Archaeology and Heritage Studies

  • AR203: Introduction to Community Engagement

Community Engagement

  • CMEG300: Introduction to Community Engagement
  • CMEG301: Social Inclusion, Local Democracy and Community Enterprise
  • CMEG305*: Semester in Community Engagement

Communication Studies

  • CS202: Nonverbal Communication

Applied Digital Program

  • DH200: Digital Narratives
  • DH300: Digital Editing and Publishing


  • EN220: Reading Culture: Strategies and Approaches
  • EN330: Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms

Environmental Studies

  • ES295: Ecotourism and the Environment

Global Studies

  • GS201: Theories in Global Studies
  • GS220: Being Human: Cultural Analysis in a Global Age
  • GS221: Globalization and Cultures: The Cosmopolitan Village?
  • GS355: Indigenous Peoples in Global Context
  • GS361: Disasters and Development


  • HI389/MU310: Music, Sound and Environment

Mediterranean Studies

  • MI201: Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I
  • MI202: Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II

Religion and Culture

  • RE211: Indigenous Religions
  • RE216: Christianity and Modern Culture 
  • RE285: Religion and Culture of the African Diaspora
  • RE308: Conducting Fieldwork
  • RE333: Food and Religion

Languages and Literatures

  • SP220: Topics in Spanish Culture


  • SY321: Sociology of Medicine
  • SY332: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • SY338: Women and Development

Women and Gender Studies

  • WS212: Food and Feminism