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Course Offerings

Anthropology Course Offerings 2021/2022

See academic calendar for course descriptions

AN100: Cultures Today
AN120: Greatest Party in the World
AN200: Theories of Culture
AN210: Intercultural Competencies
AN211: Indigenous Religions
AN224: Anthropology of the Lifecourse
AN232H: Special topics: Factory Life (see description below)
AN300: Ethnographic Methods
AN322: Religion, Ritual and Magic
AN342: Africa at the Crossroads
AN344: Writing Cultures
AN345: Life After Socialism
AN349: Nature, Culture, Environment
AN355: Indigenous People in a Global Context
AN400: Doing Fieldwork
AN450: Current Topics in Anthropology


AN232H: This course investigates permutations of factory life, dealing with both historical and contemporary perspectives that provide insight into aspects of labour, manufacturing, management and connections to the broader social/cultural context. It also incorporates a variety of cross-cultural situations ranging from foreign-owned production facilities to migrant labour, from border manufacturing towns to international joint ventures. Salient themes within the course highlight major issues such as: globalization, deindustrialization, the division of labour, social status, gender, resistance, movement, ethnic identity, political systems, unemployment, as well as planning, structure and control in the workplace. Ethnographic case studies featured in the readings and lectures cover a wide geography that includes: Ireland, France, China, Hungary, South Korea, England, Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Japan and the USA.

Anthropology-Approved Courses

As part of their anthropology degree, students can take up to 1.0 credit worth of Anthropology-approved courses in other programs in the Faculty of Arts. See LORIS Browse Classes for current course offerings.

Archaeology and Heritage Studies

  • AR203: Introduction to Community Engagement

Community Engagement

  • CMEG300: Introduction to Community Engagement
  • CMEG301: Social Inclusion, Local Democracy and Community Enterprise
  • CMEG305*: Semester in Community Engagement

Communication Studies

  • CS202: Nonverbal Communication

Applied Digital Program

  • DH200: Digital Narratives
  • DH300: Digital Editing and Publishing


  • EN220: Reading Culture: Strategies and Approaches
  • EN330: Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms

Geography and Environmental Studies

  • ES295: Ecotourism and the Environment
  • GG270: Culturel Geographies
  • GG370: Geographies of Violence
  • GG376: Cultural Heritage Landscapes

Global Studies

  • GS201: Theories in Global Studies
  • GS220: Being Human: Cultural Analysis in a Global Age
  • GS221: Globalization and Cultures: The Cosmopolitan Village?
  • GS355: Indigenous Peoples in Global Context
  • GS361: Disasters and Development


  • HI389/MU310: Music, Sound and Environment

Mediterranean Studies

  • MI201: Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I
  • MI202: Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II

Political Science

  • PO373: Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy

Religion and Culture

  • RE211: Indigenous Religions
  • RE216: Christianity and Modern Culture 
  • RE285: Religion and Culture of the African Diaspora
  • RE308: Conducting Fieldwork
  • RE333: Food and Religion

Languages and Literatures

  • SP220: Topics in Spanish Culture


  • SY321: Sociology of Medicine
  • SY332: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • SY338: Women and Development

Women and Gender Studies

  • WS212: Food and Feminism
  • WS490: Advanced Topics in Women and Gender Studies