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Cultural Studies Course Offerings

2020/21 Course Offerings

Please see the academic calendar for more course information or Browse Classes for scheduling information.

Fall 2020

  • KS100: Studying Popular Culture
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS210: Cultural Studies of Popular Music
  • KS303A: Cultural Politics

Winter 2021

  • KS101: Exploring Cultural Studies
  • KS203: Popular Culture and Ideology
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS215 (online): Game Cultures

2020/21 Special Topics Descriptions

KS303A Cultural Politics (Fall 2020)

Cultural politics will consider the way in which culture shapes our political landscapes.  Cultural politics operates through language, media, buildings and every other cultural relation of our society.  This class will engage cultural politics as a set of cultural campaigns, and students will learn how to identify, design, promote, and resist those campaigns as elements of this course.

KS400N Alt.Health.Cultures (Winter 2021)