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Cultural Studies Course Offerings

2018/19 Course Offerings

Please see the LORIS Dynamic Schedule for scheduling information.

Fall 2018

  • KS100: Studying Popular Culture
  • KS203: Popular Culture and Ideology
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS330: Myths, Monsters & Machines

Winter 2019

  • KS101: Exploring Cultural Studies
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS210: Cultural Studies of Popular Music
  • KS215 (online): Game Cultures
  • KS400L: Cultural Studies of the Future

2018/19 Special Topics Descriptions

KS400L: Cultural Studies of the Future

This course explores a Cultural Studies approach to the future. Looking to both utopian and dystopian representations in theory, popular culture, the arts, literature, and elsewhere, this course will interrogate the ways that imaginings of the future are thought about and constructed, by and for whom, and with what consequences. This course will look to the ways the future has been historically problematized in order to provide a perspective on the ways that the future, in its optimistic and pessimistic manifestations, is deployed as a concept for us today.