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Cultural Studies Course Offerings

2017/18 Course Offerings

Fall 2017

  • KS100: Culture in Historical Perspective
  • KS203: Popular Culture and Ideology
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS210: Cultural Studies Popular Music

Winter 2018

  • KS101: Culture in Thematic Perspective
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS215 (online): Game Cultures
  • KS330: Myths, Monsters and Machines
  • KS400K: Health Cultures

2017/18 Special Topics Descriptions

KS400k: Health Cultures

Health is an integral part of every culture; in part defining essential elements of culture and its practices. Within the cultural studies tradition, this course will explore the student's relationship to cultural studies of health. It will explore healthcare and health technologies as varieties of popular cultures; relating  contemporary and historical Canadian health cultures  to global cultures and transnational cultures.