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Cultural Studies Course Offerings

2023/24 Course Offerings

Please see the academic calendar for more course information or Browse Classes for scheduling information.

Fall 2023

  • KS100: Studying Popular Culture
  • KS101 (online): Exploring Cultural Studies
  • KS203 (online):  Popular Culture and Ideology
  • KS205 (online): Cartoons and Comics
  • KS340L: Performance Cultures

Winter 2024

  • KS101: Exploring Cultural Studies
  • KS215 (online): Game Cultures
  • KS220: Networked & Digital Cultures
  • KS340m: Being Black in Diaspora
  • KS400q: Post+Punk Cultures

2023/24 Special Topics Descriptions

KS340L Performance Cultures
Description TBA

KS340m Being Black in Diaspora
Description TBA

KS400q Post+Punk Cultures: Real and Imagined
This course engages questions of punk cultures and post-punk cultures.  It will look at the punk cultures and punk ethics and their realizations in fiction such as cyberpunk, solarpunk, and hopepunk.