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Cooperative Education Program

The Master of Arts (MA) in Communication Studies program may be taken as a cooperative education program. This limited enrolment option is open to full-time students. Applicants indicate their interest in being considered for the co-op option when they apply to the program.

Admission Information

Admission to the cooperative education program is not guaranteed. The Communication Studies graduate committee and the Co-op office assess applications; however, the Co-op office makes the final admission decisions.

Applicants for the cooperative education program who are declined by the Co-op office will automatically be moved over to the regular stream for admission consideration.

The Co-op office administers the work term application process, and students are required to apply to job postings and interview with prospective employers, etc. Work terms pay at least statutory minimum wage. Students in the co-op option are not guaranteed a work term.

Work Study Sequence

Co-op students complete coursework in the fall and winter semesters, have a work term in the spring/summer, and write their major research papers (MRP) or theses in the subsequent fall semester, typically completing the MA program in 16 months. Students in the co-op option are required to pay co-op fees. Co-op students must be registered in CS695 (MRP), CS699 (thesis), or at least one course (coursework) in their final semester in the program.

Participation in the co-op option requires students to delay their graduation until the following spring.