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Pre-Approved Electives

Students pursuing the Honours BA in North American Studies in combination with another Honours BA program, the North American Studies Minor or the Canadian Studies Minor must take electives to complete their program requirements:

  • Students in the Honours BA in North American Studies are required to take 2.5 senior credits in North American or Canadian-content courses.
  • Students pursuing a North American Studies minor are required to take 1.5 senior credits (i.e. courses beyond the 100 level) in North American and Canadian-content courses.
  • Students pursuing a Canadian Studies minor are required to take 1.5 senior credits (i.e. courses beyond the 100 level) in Canadian-content courses only.

The North American Studies Program approves the courses that can be used to meet these elective requirements. To simplify this process, a number of courses have been pre-approved and can be found on the following list.

International Exchange

The North American Studies Program encourages its majors to consider an international exchange with one of its North American partners. In the United States, North American Studies has a long standing relationship with Georgia Southern University. In Mexico, we have sent our majors to Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Ciudad de Mexico.

Pre-Approved Electives

It is very important to note that inclusion on the list of pre-approved electives does not imply automatic eligibility to enrol in these courses. All courses may have prerequisites established by departments and/or programs. You should plan your overall program carefully to ensure that you will have any necessary prerequisites to register in these courses so that you may use them as electives.

There may be courses not appearing on these lists that may still qualify to be used as Canadian or North American-content electives. If you believe a course you plan to take (or are taking) has considerable content related to Canada, the United States or Mexico please feel free to bring this to our attention. An assessment will be made of the course, and the coordinator will determine if there is adequate content to qualify the course as a North American Studies elective. Please note, this determination is entirely at the discretion of the North American Studies program.

It may also be possible to use certain North American Studies courses to meet elective requirements, if these courses are not already being used to meet a requirement within your North American Studies program. For example, students pursuing the combined Honours BA can use NO301 as either a Canadian or North American-content elective if their two third-year course requirements have already been met with other courses (e.g. NO302/NO303/NO309).

Pre-approved courses are listed in the academic calendar.