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*The Honours BA and Combined BA Leadership Program temporarily suspended admissions beginning 2014-2015, however the Leadership option and minor are still being offered for students on the Brantford Campus.

Leadership focuses on understanding and development of leaders, acquiring leadership skills needed to inspire, motivate and bring change. The Leadership program provides you with the opportunity to study leaders, past and present. You will also have the chance to learn about leadership issues such as:

  • organizational and social change
  • negotiation
  • strategy
  • ethics
  • trust
  • communication

Our broad range of Leadership courses will give you a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today's leaders and will help to prepare you for a career that will "make a difference" to you, your community and employer.

Leadership Student Association

The Leadership Student Association (LSA) encourages the development of leadership experience and academic excellence through community initiatives while building valuable personal and professional connections.

Interesting in getting involved?