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Lazaridis School Research Participation System

The Lazaridis School Research Participation System (LSRPS) presents an opportunity for you to earn course credit toward your grade by participating in business research studies. The program was developed for two reasons:
  • Professors and graduate students conduct studies to advance research in their respective fields, and they rely on students to participate in these studies. The LSRPS allows for sound and reliable data to be collected from students.
  • The LSRPS allows students to experience what it’s like to be a participant in research studies, learn about the research process, and at the same time, students can earn some marks towards eligible courses.

Check your course syllabus to find out if you can receive bonus credit for participation in a LSRPS research study. For each eligible course that you are enrolled in, you will be able to earn up to three bonus credits towards your final grade.

Note that the deadline to participate in LSRPS studies and to hand in alternative assignments is the last official day of class for the term at 12:00 PM (Noon).