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At Laurier in Brantford, you can get the Laurier degree in English language and literature while enjoying the smaller, more intimate environment of the Brantford campus. You can take courses that explore different periods of British and American literary history while also being able to take courses in Canadian literature, Indigenous literature, and literatures in English from around the world.

In addition, the Brantford version of the Laurier English program specializes in offering courses that intersect with other Brantford-campus based programs, so you can take courses in literature and crime, literature and social justice, literature and game theory, children's literature and many others.

And finally, only at the Brantford campus can you combine your English degree with a Minor in Professional Writing that will allow you to better engage the critical skills you develop in your degree with the communication demands of the working world.

English at Laurier Brantford: think more clearly, communicate more effectively and better understand the ideas and images that shape our culture.