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Program Requirements and Course Offerings

Note: University regulations apply to all students at Laurier. If there is any discrepancy between the program or progression requirements outlined on this page and those in the university's academic calendars, the academic calendars are the official sources of information. The information below is from the latest calendar, and you may be following progression requirements from an earlier calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate calendar. Contact your program coordinator should you notice any discrepancies.

The objective of the MSc program is to provide students with comprehensive training in chemistry and biochemistry from the combination of course work and independent research in a multidisciplinary environment. Knowledge and research skills acquired in the program will enable students to pursue either employment opportunities in chemistry-and biochemistry-related areas or further studies in doctoral or professional programs.

Refer to the Graduate Calendar for admission requirements.

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Program Requirements

The MSc program in chemistry is normally expected to be completed in six consecutive terms. The major requirement of the program is defence of a thesis based on original research. Students are also required to complete a research proposal and one half-credit course. A second half-credit course may be required at the discretion of the student's supervisory committee. One of the required courses can be from another graduate program at Laurier at the discretion of a student's supervisory committee.  Students must also have regular supervisory committee meetings, attend departmental seminars, and participate in professional development activities.

The recommended timeline of program requirements is summarized in the table below. 

Year 1

  • Fall: CH671, 1 elective*, CH699
  • Winter: CH672, 1 elective*, CH699, research proposal
  • Spring: 1 elective*, CH699

Year 2

  • Fall: CH673, 1 elective*, CH699
  • Winter: CH674, CH699
  • Spring: CH699, defence

*Until the requirement of one half-credit elective is fulfilled.

Course Offerings

Departmental course information is provided for your convenience only.

Schedules – including times and locations of classes – are subject to change and should be confirmed on LORIS under the Student Services tab by accessing the link for Registration.

All official academic information, including prerequisites and exclusions, is in the academic calendars.

Use the LORIS Browse Classes to check course offerings in Chemistry and Biochemistry for the current academic year.

Unless otherwise specified, courses are 0.5 credit and take place on Laurier's Waterloo campus.