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Seminar Series

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Laurier supports a series of seminars in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics and environmental sciences. The main emphasis of this seminar series is on the interdisciplinary nature of science. The chemistry seminar series has become essential for advancing and enriching the research culture in the Faculty of Science in general and the Department of Chemistry in particular.

All graduate and undergraduate students (including those enrolled in CH490) are encouraged to attend the seminar series and enhance their conceptual understanding of science and sense of inquiry. As well, the seminars are intended to promote scientific interaction among the students, faculty and members of the scientific community by observing science in a broader interrelated context.

2021/22 Schedule

Seminars run on Friday afternoons between 3:30-5 p.m. via ZOOM.  If no seminar title appears, it is to be announced.  

Access through MyLS:  Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Series   OR

If you are outside of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, please link to: 

Fall Term

  • Friday, Sept. 24: Professor Dirk Wallschlaeger, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Laurier University
    • Title of seminar:  Selenium - the most interesting element in the periodic talbe?!
  • Friday, Oct. 1:  Assistant Professor, Jeremy Lohman, Biochemistry, Perdue University
    • Title of seminar: Chilling a biochemical hot potato: stable acyl-thioester analogs to student fatty acid and polyketide biosynthesis
  • Friday, Oct. 8:  Professor Karine Auclair, Chemistry, McGill University
    • Title of seminar:  Why use enzymes in moist-solid reaction mixtures?
  • Friday, Oct. 22: Professor Ruth Olubukola Ajoke, Chemical Sciences, Federal University Wukari, Nigeria
    • Title of Seminar: Gastropod shell and synthesized derivatives for removal and recovery of Phosphates from waste aqua streams.
  • Friday, Nov. 5:  Amy Sarjeant, Associate Scientific Director, Materials Science & Engineering, Bristol Myers Squibb
    • Title of seminar: The Importance of Crystallography in Pharmaceutical Research and Developmement
  • Friday, Nov. 12: Associate Professor W. Stephen McNeil, Chemistry, University of British Columbia
    • Title of Seminar: Concepts, Content, Context:  Assessment of a Strategic Redesign of a First-Year Chemistry Curriculum
  • Friday, Nov. 19: Professor Nelaine Mora-Diez, Chemistry, Thompson Rivers University, BC
    • Title of Seminar: Computational Studies of Antixidant Activity

Winter Term

  • Friday, Jan. 21:  Professor Fran Kerton, Chemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland 
    • Title of seminar:  The Journey Towards Greener Polymers and Materials
  • Friday, Feb. 11:  Professor Marcelo Guzman, Chemistry, University of Kentucky  
    • Title of seminar: Interfacial Oxidation of Phenols
  • Friday, Mar. 4:  Professor Roy Jensen, Chemistry, Wilfrid Laurier University 
    • Title of seminar: A model for optimizing instruction as a function of learner development
  • Friday, Mar. 11:  Professor Trey Ronnebaum, Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania 
    • Title of seminar:  Assembly-line catalysis in bifunctional terpene synthases: (+)-Copalyl diphosphate synthase from fungal Penicillium species
  • Friday, Mar. 18:  Professor Mike Suits, Chemistry, Wilfrid Laurier University 
    • Title of seminar: