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Lab Safety

Physics and Computer Science is committed to safety for our students, staff and faculty. Students are expected to act in a responsible and professional manner in the lab. Safety instructions specific to a course or to the lab component of a course will be discussed in the first lab of the term for every course.  Additional safety instructions specific to equipment in a particular lab will be discussed by the lab coordinator as required throughout the course. You are responsible for knowing and following all safety procedures. If you have questions about a lab exercise or situation, such as how to use a particular piece of equipment, ask the instructional assistant or the lab coordinator.

Please notify the lab coordinator as early in the term as possible if there are special circumstances (e.g. allergies, pregnancy, colour blindness) that might make working in the lab, or responding to emergencies (e.g. evacuating the building), difficult for you.

Working Alone

No student may work alone in any Physics or Computer Science lab. For more information on university policy on working alone, see University Policy 7.15.