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Psychology at Laurier is an energetic and growing research-intensive department. Our faculty members are strong researchers with external grant support and international reputations. Our graduate students have outstanding academic records and enthusiasm for research, and many are also externally funded by scholarships and grants. Our graduate programs are designed to prepare students for careers in research and teaching or for applied opportunities in various community and social agencies.

Research and Conference Funding

Graduate students are entitled to moderate funding from the Department of Psychology to conduct their thesis/dissertation research and to attend academic conferences to present their research.

The Psychology Department encourages and supports student travel to present papers or posters at national or international conferences. The department will contribute up to $350 for each Master’s student (once only) and up to $350 for each PhD student (one per budget year) toward the expenses of such presentations.

To apply for departmental funding, the travel assistantship application form should be completed and submitted to the Psychology graduate program assistant. Students should also consider applying directly to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for a Travel Award for further conference funding to present their research.

The Psychology Department also supports research-related thesis costs up to a maximum of $200 for each Master’s student and $400 for each PhD student. The department will also support research-related comprehensive costs up to a maximum of $400. A budget will have to be submitted and approved. Budgets need to be submitted at the time of the proposal. However, students and faculty are strongly urged to obtain alternate funding whenever possible. For example, faculty research grants can often cover some or all thesis-related expenses, and university initiatory and short-term grants can, under some circumstances, contribute to such costs.

Resources for Graduate Students