Tuition and Late Registration Fee Appeal Form: Undergraduate Studies

Students are held accountable for any tuition fees attributed to dropped course(s) or upon withdrawal from the university.

Students must complete this form if they wish to appeal the assessment of their tuition fees for dropped course(s) or fees incurred due to withdrawal from the university.

Fee appeals are subject to serious scrutiny prior to granting any student financial reimbursement. Do not complete this form unless your absence is the result of serious illness or extenuating circumstances and ensure your supporting documentation is sufficient or your appeal will be denied.

Supporting Documentation

To facilitate the processing of the tuition fee appeal, official documentary evidence must be submitted. If you do not wish to submit your supporting documentation through this online form, documentation can be emailed to or faxed to 519.884.8826, clearly marked "Tuition Fee Appeal." If your official documentation is on file at the university, it is your responsibility to request that the department forward documentation to

If you are appealing your fees based on medical grounds, the official Supporting Medical Documentation Form must be completed by your attending physician (if not already on file with an approved university department) and returned as instructed on the form.

Important Information

Note: No appeal will be considered after six months from the last day of the term to which the disputed charges apply.