Service Laurier Live Chat

Live chat is typically service-operated Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.mHours may vary depending on volumes. 

This chat is intended for Enrolment Services inquiries only. The given information or advice via Live Chat is only applicable to Laurier students. While we do our best to ensure that the advice given is accurate and up-to-date, be aware that all information provided is subject to change without notice.


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Please be advised that this platform functions best with Chrome.  

Firefox: Enhanced tracking protection is usually turned on by default for Firefox (Firefox specific feature).  Users will need to click the shield beside the URL and then turn it off.  Additional support can be found here.  


Please review this disclosure before initiating a chat session!

Before you provide any personal information, be aware our advisors are required to ask you a series of questions to verify your identity. 

Do not include attachments or provide your SIN number, banking or credit card information.

Chat users should be aware records of the chats are retained. Using inappropriate language may result in the termination of the chat and, in addition to supplying false or misleading information, is considered student misconduct under the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct.

For additional contact information, visit the Service Laurier webpage.

Ready to Chat?

If an advisor is available you will see 'Chat with an Expert' and will be able to click to initiate a chat.

If no advisor is available you will see 'Contact Us' and you can submit a web-based inquiry.  Note - if you have already e-mailed us please do not submit a duplicate request.  

**If you are initiating a chat session near the end of our hours of service, it may come through to our queue, however, it will be sent to us by email if an Advisor is not able to respond before the end of Service Hours. An Advisor will respond when next available. To ensure you reach an Advisor, please start your chat with plenty of time.**