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Report a Problem

At Laurier, we strive to provide positive learning spaces that help facilitate a broad range of classroom activities. From flexible furniture choices to innovative classroom design, Laurier is working to respond to the needs of the entire university community, and you can help. Whether you’ve found something you love in your classrooms or something that just won’t do, take a moment and let us know!

Furniture Issues

Furniture issues in centrally booked classrooms such as desks, chairs, tablet desks and lecterns should be reported on the Report a Problem Form.

Information and Communication Technology Issues

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) issues (such as computers, projectors, projector screens, projector bulbs, overhead projectors, document cameras, sound systems, wireless, whiteboard markers and erasers, etc.) should be reported to the ICT Service Desk, or can be reported on the Report a Problem Form by selecting "other."

Facilities Services

Facilities Services issues (such as paint, blinds, windows, drywall, electrical, lighting, plumbing, etc.) should be directed to Facilities Service Desk by submitting a Work Order.

Emergency work requests (such as flooding, electrical hazards, broken windows) should always be reported by phone:

  • Facilities Service Desk, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 548.889.3242
  • Special Constable Service, after hours or holidays, 519.885.3333 (Waterloo) or 519.770.3778 (Brantford)