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Support for Students

Care for You

Often we hear students say “I wish I had known about this support before now.” With many different resources and services available to you, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

If you are experiencing more complex or elevated challenges, or require support to be coordinated through multiple departments or services, it’s best to connect with the Dean of Students office directly for help.

Care for Others

Laurier students are a big part of the reason we’re known as a supportive and caring community. Students often help connect each other to the right services and people, especially during challenging situations or circumstances. Recognizing the significant impact that personal challenges (mental health, financial insecurity, personal safety issues etc.) can have on students’ academic and personal success, timely help and a coordinated and caring approach can make a big difference for a student needing support.

You can help connect a student to support by walking them to the appropriate office, offering to help them make a call, or reviewing support options with them.

In cases where you are worried about the safety or well-being of another student, you can seek support from the Dean of Students office on how to best help. We can provide information about resources, talk through different ways of offering support and help come up with a plan.

Reasons to Connect With Us

There are four reasons why you should connect with us:

  • Academic disruptions.
  • Physical and mental health challenges.
  • Financial struggles.
  • Transitioning to university life.

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