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Learners from Care Academic Success Program

The Learners from Care Academic Success program provides support for youth from care to participate fully in their university experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Through wrap-around support from admission to graduation, students can focus on excelling in their studies and meeting their academic and career goals.

Program Goals

The Learners from Care Academic Success program aims to create an opportunity for current and former youth from care to participate fully in the Laurier university experience by removing financial barriers, expanding opportunities to connect directly with faculty and peer mentors, and providing a consistent campus contact to guide and support students from care as they navigate the university environment.

Program Highlights

  1. Financial Support – Yearly financial support for all eligible students including full-time, part-time, undergraduate, and graduate students.
  2. Peer Mentorship – Facilitated connection between new and returning students from care
  3. Faculty Mentorship – Facilitated connection between students and faculty for career planning and networking.
  4. Campus Navigation Support – Program planning, direct referral to wellness supports, campus tours and course registration advice.
  5. Emergency Funding – Short-term funding support for unexpected situations.

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Bachelor of Arts

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Program Eligibility

The Learners from Care Academic Success Program is open to all students with current or former care experience.

  • Must be a current or incoming Laurier undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Must be able to provide verification of status with Ontario Children’s Aid Society.

Additional Financial Support

In addition to the financial awards included in the Learners from Care Academic Success Program, you may be eligible for additional financial awards through Laurier’s Tuition Bursary program and the Emergency Funds for Learners from Care.