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How to Get It

New Students

The OneCard is to be used only by the person it is issued to. If used by anyone else, for any reason, the card may be taken and can result in academic sanction and/or criminal prosecution. This is for each cardholder's personal security.


The OneCard photo service is available for new students only who do not have an existing picture on file. Students must be registered in at least one course in order to get their OneCard.

  1. Register for courses.
  2. Upload your OneCard photo.
  3. Book your Teams meeting (link provided after photo upload).

Teams Meeting

A OneCard staff member will approve your photo after your identity is confirmed with government-issued photo identification.

One of the following only: driver's license or valid passport or photo health card.


Ontario is in a province-wide shutdown effective 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 26, 2020. As a result, OneCard services will be provided virtually or delivery-only. Learn more about Laurier's response and impacts on our services.

Due to COVID-19, the majority of services on campus remain closed. Email for the most efficient service.

  • Waterloo campus: the OneCard office is located in Arts building in the lower concourse near the Bookstore.
  • Brantford campus: Service Laurier in Grand River Hall, room 202. 

Damaged, Lost or Expired Cards

Damaged Cards

A $30.00 replacement fee will be applied if your OneCard is damaged or lost. Please do not de-face or hole punch the card as it could disable the functionality. There will be no charge for card replacement for regular wear and tear, cracks etc. as determined by OneCard staff. Non-affiliated stickers are not permitted anywhere on the OneCard.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost make sure you deactivate it right away to keep it safe. This can be done by calling or emailing the OneCard office during office hours, or by logging into the OneCard website 24/7. We accept all methods of payment for replacement cards, including convenience dollars.

Expired Cards

Your card will be active for as long as you are registered. If you register past your original program or degree, your account will update. For those completing an undergrad and entering a graduate program, please keep the initial card to hand in exchange for a new graduate card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add Money to My OneCard?

You can access your OneCard account online, to deposit funds with debit or credit.

There is a $5 deposit minimum, no fee and convenience never expires as long as you are an active Laurier student.

How Do I Check My Balance?

You can check your account balance and transaction history will the OneCard online tool using your student ID# and PIN. Your OneCard PIN is not the same as your LORIS PIN and will initially be your date of birth in the format MM/DD/YYYY (make sure to include the slashes).

University of Waterloo Students

University of Waterloo students taking Laurier courses are eligible for a OneCard. Please bring a government-issued photo ID and your Watcard to the OneCard office. We will take your photo at this time.

For cross-registered students, your card will only be valid for as long as you are registered. If you plan to take more courses in the future, hold onto your card, because you will need to trade it in to avoid paying a replacement fee. OneCards for cross-registered students are for academic access purposes only and are not programmed to access the Athletic Complex or to be used as a bus pass.

For double-degree students, your card will be programmed for the duration of your program, and includes access to Laurier campus services such as the Athletic Complex.