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LOCUS House Council

If you’re looking to get involved at Laurier, want to gain leadership skills, or want the opportunity to meet other first year students, consider volunteering for the LOCUS House Council or the First Year Leadership Program!

LOCUS and the First Year Leadership Program work together to offer fun, engaging, and informative programming through campus councils. Each campus council is comprised of first year students (from both residence and LOCUS and led by a group of senior students. These councils offer regular events and opportunities for all first-year students throughout the year. Check out the First Year Leadership Program website for more information on each council.

The LOCUS House Council is comprised of exclusively first-year off-campus students. With the support of a Council Advisor, the LOCUS House Council offers monthly social programs for the entire LOCUS program. The LOCUS House Council likely resembles the student government council most students experience in high school.

House Council Positions

Read about the positions below. House Council hiring takes place in September of each academic year.