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Landlord Resources

Do you have an available rental listing and want to learn how to spread the word to students? Scroll through the information below for some helpful tips and resources for renting to students.

Posting your Rental 

  • Laurier does not operate its own listing service. Instead, we encourage students to view listings on places4students.
    • You can create an account and for a small fee post your listing in a targeted fashion for students on Laurier’s Waterloo, Brantford or Milton Campuses.  
  • We also recommend posting secondarily on sites like Kijiji or Facebook. There are many local pages of students searching for housing or roommates and you should check which one suits your listing the best.  

Finding Students 

  • Use clear language, writing and provide as much detail as possible to make your listing as enticing as possible for students.  
  • Clearly list amenities, parking, how many rooms etc. 
    • This will help you stand apart from scammers too! 
  • Offer flexible lease terms 
  • Even with the option to sublet, a 12 month lease might be too much for a student to commit to if they wish to move home in the summer. 
    • An 8 month lease is typically what students are looking for.
  • Use multiple, clear photos in your listing.  
  • Try to capture the property both inside and outside.  
    • Include any present amenities or furniture.  

Student Cycles  

  • A majority of students operate on a 4 year track, with 8 month, 2 semester periods from September to the end of April. 
  • Students experience intense busy times at the end of these periods during exams, mid-November to mid-December and mid-March to mid-April. Students may be too busy to respond to texts or emails during this period.
  • Check out the Laurier important dates to understand the cycle.

Be Supportive to Students

To best support students when it comes to housing, be understanding because many students may be living on their own for the first time.

This means: 
  • They may have questions with leases, paying rent, guarantors or insurance. 
  • You may have to create multiple lines of communication  
    • Emails as well as numbers to call or text for yourself or a property management company.
  • Maintaining a healthy university life takes a lot of time, students may need extra time or notice to properly respond to communications or requests. 
  • Being clear in responsibilities laid out in the lease  
    • Shoveling snow, cutting grass etc may take time on a student's schedule. 

Legal Reminders 

  • Even if only renting a portion of a property (I.e  a room of an apartment) students are still governed by the Ontario Standard Lease. Make sure you are using the Standardized Lease to avoid legal issues. 
  • Check out the Landlords Self Help Centre for many helpful tips and FAQs.
  • Make sure you are communicating in writing. Be it a lease renewal or a heads up to check on something on your property, put it in writing to avoid miscommunication between you and your tenants.