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Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs at Laurier is here to provide you with support, services, programs and facilities that enhance your personal, intellectual and experiential development. We are committed to provide you with an exceptional living and learning experience in a diverse, community-oriented, student-centred environment.

How We Can Help

Student Affairs at Laurier is made up of different departments and units that come together to provide you with the best student experience. Find out how we: 

Deliver the "Laurier Promise"

The Dean of Students Office is your go-to for anything related to academic disruptions, physical and mental challenges, financial struggles or transitioning to university life. Our office is here to help you feel supported as part of a caring community where academic and personal success is a priority.

Build a Respectful and Safe Learning Experience

The non-academic student code of conduct is one of the tools used to uphold a positive, respectful and learning-centered environment. The code outlines expectations for all Laurier students.

Ensure You Stay Well

Feeling good and being healthy are important foundational factors in being able to fully engage in life. Find out more about the Student Wellness Centre's services to ensure you stay well.

Keep You Engaged

By participating in campus life, you have the opportunity to learn life skills, have personal insights and widen your social networks. Explore student organizations and volunteer opportunities. Don't forget to keep a record of your participation in the Laurier Experience Record.

Create an Empowering Experience for Indigenous Students

Our Indigenous Student Services at Laurier is committed to fostering a positive student experience for Indigenous students. Check out our regularly held gatherings, traditional medicines, feasts and traditional ceremonies.

Our Commitment to Make Your Student Experience a Priority

Dear Golden Hawks,  

Whether you are in your first year of undergraduate or graduate studies, are progressing through your learning journey, or are about to conclude your degree, I hope that your expectations have been exceeded and that your student experience both in and beyond the classroom has been exceptional!

Our entire Student Affairs staff team is dedicated to supporting your success, shaping a safe flourishing campus environment, providing personal health and wellness related services, sharing learning strategies, promoting your engagement and leadership in campus life, encouraging you to explore new opportunities to stretch beyond your borders, and celebrating your success.

We are here for you so please reach out for help when you may be struggling, need advice on addressing a particular challenge you may be facing for the first time, and in particular please do not hesitate to tell us what needs to change for the better.

Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic about our university is the dynamic Laurier culture of community. An equitable, diverse, and inclusive community is our primary goal where students can thrive. As many before you have done, contributing in ways that identify your character, skills and expertise will further enrich the lives of all who cross your path.

My warmest wishes and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you on campus.


Stay Golden!

David McMurray
Interim Vice-President, Student Affairs